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We combined some stock, some photos, some copy and a lot of imagination to come up with these. Currently you can take a photo of your own dog, insert into the background and order a print. More coming. See fourleggedtribe or more on our movie poster gallery page. Read more
No photography, just a website needed… Up and running in two weeks? No problem. Photos supplied. If you’re interested in a luxury croquet tour in England, Scotland or the USA, try Jiminy Wicket. Read more
We collaborated with an accounting firm that was contemplating upgrading their website. They needed photography, copy and web design. Photos needed to be completed in a way that we could mix and match people for ongoing group shots. Read more
Simple website design? Just completed a new WordPress website for a client. They needed good representation of their delicious artisan breads and pastries in a responsive design that included good photography and copy. We think we delivered. Check out Detour Bakery… Absolutely the most delicious french pastries in Denver. If you are looking for an all-inclusive website design, photography and copy package, give us a call. If you’re a small business, you could probably do the design yourself but what about submitting to Google? Verification? Analytics? SEO? Save yourself the brain damage and talk to us first to see if we can help. 🙂 Read more
In the last 20 years, we’ve seen communication move from land lines to mobile and from mobile to increased usage of internet technology like “Skype”. Communication is becoming increasingly face to face (though not in the physical sense) as video chat and conferencing become ever more mainstream. A business portrait is crucial to attract customers. Before someone picks up the phone to call you (or your company), they’ve probably already checked out your Linkedin* profile (and been frustrated if there’s no photo or a photo that’s so small they can’t tell what you look like), your Facebook page and your company’s various social profiles and website “team” pages. Does the collective information paint an accurate picture of your company or is “cohesive” the last word that comes to mind? Don’t put the cart before the horse… In an increasingly online world, first impressions are all about internet presence and much less about a first phone call. If your representation of “you” is a bikini-clad photo from your last vacation to Puerta Vallarta (and yes, we’ve seen these on Linkedin), or your Facebook photos are public (and let’s just say that some of them shouldn’t be) or your team photos were […] Read more