About Susan Goddard Photography: Officially, Susan Goddard Photography creates dryer-fresh advertising, corporate and editorial imagery for advertising agencies, design firms, magazines, and corporations, both public and private.

Unofficially, I’ve lived in the USA for 30+ years after narrowly escaping a rainy future in England. I can discuss American politics but not English ones, unless you count the politics of the school playground. I love chess. I’ve won one lottery (although there was no cash involved, just an elusive Green Card). I play six-degrees-of-separation for fun and find that in Denver, it’s usually only two or three degrees (even if it’s the President or a Hollywood movie star and sometimes it’s one and the same). I have seen one low-flying, UFO in broad daylight. I am completely in love with my dog, Bodhi, who lives up to his name in every way (a being of wisdom and enlightenment). I am bummed (how’s that for eloquence) that neither DaVinci or Einstein are still anchored to Terra Firma because I’d love to meet them, sit around a fountain somewhere (hopefully with an Americano in hand) and ask them what their take is on “Life, The Universe and Everything”… (Thank you Douglas Adams.) I love “Game of Thrones”, “Homeland” and all things “Shameless”. And I love being in the business of photography.

Sampling of Clients: Advocacy Denver, Accuvant, AMR, Array BioPharma, CoBank, CDOT, Coram, Colorado Access, IHS, Envision Healthcare, First Data, Herman Miller, Nestle Purina, Janus Funds, Clayton, Basin Holdings, Cambiar, Time Warner, ISEC, Inc., Strategem, Denver Museum of Nature & Science, Yeti Cycles, Workplace Resource, 5280, Lucy Magazine,